Maxus Systems International's experienced system consultants collaborate with our clients' business executives and managers to identify the key business outcomes that can be affected by leveraging technology. We then implement agile software solutions that lead to cost savings, improved productivity, and a better understanding of customer and supplier behavior and relationships.

Maxus provides enterprise-level decision support systems and professional services based on it's suite of MM-Data Mining decision visualization applications and advanced business intelligence technologies.

Our team of experts have the demonstrated business experience and the technical expertise to provide customers with a wide range of technology solutions.

We are award winning application developers with a deep understanding of user interface design, human factors engineering, and content management techniques, having deployed them in demanding financial and defense-related environments, where accuracy and speed are essential.

We can build the tools and deliver the expertise you need to deploy business intelligence, expand into e-commerce, or manage new and legacy system integration.

Our team works with the client to assess the incremental value to the organization of acting on these insights. Potential application areas and a probable approach to the solution are identified. The results of these efforts are presented in a high level project plan for executive review and project approval and implementation.

We implement an agile development process. Our consultants don’t believe in a one size fits all solution where we are focused on learning and continuous improvement, not a prescribed set of processes.

Our goal is to get software that enhances productivity into the hands of real users as fast as possible.

We employ the latest technologies from Javascript, JSON and Html5 to Zend, ORM and other development frameworks and have created numerous six sigma and business intelligence applications for major corporations, including those listed below.

Our areas of technical expertise:

  • Visual Decision Support Systems
  • Data Mining and Discovery
  • Knowledge Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Real-Time Systems Design
  • Business Intelligence
  • KPI Analysis and Monitoring
  • Executive Leadership & Supervision
  • Team Building & Training
  • E-Commerce Design and Integration
  • Risk Control and Compliance Assessment
  • Cybersecurity
  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Mobile Applications/Sensorization
  • Drone Technology and Flight Control Software
  • Threat Detection and Early Warning

"The problem is to grasp, in innumerable special cases, the actual situation which is covered by the mists of uncertainty, to appraise the facts correctly and to guess the unknown elements, to reach a decision quickly, and then to carry it out forcefully and relentlessly."

Helmuth von Moltke, Moltke on the Art of War: Selected Writings