"Since the key to victory can often be found in that instant when the Warrior commits himself, it is important to be neither early nor late. The Warrior uses timing as his fulcrum to victory."

Sun Tzu, Way of the Warrior

"The problem is to grasp, in innumerable special cases, the actual situation which is covered by the mists of uncertainty, to appraise the facts correctly and to guess the unknown elements, to reach a decision quickly, and then to carry it out forcefully and relentlessly."

Helmuth von Moltke, Moltke on the Art of War: Selected Writings

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Maxus Strategic Systems Inc., has been selected by the Warrior Training Alliance, a coalition led by Raytheon Technical Services Company and Computer Sciences Corporation, to provide decision support visualization and simulation capabilities to the U.S. Army's Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support (FOCUS) program.

Maxus provides its patented MM-Data Mining software, decision visualization  tools, and professional services to the WTA team to analyze and fuse multiple combat training supply chains and operate at six-sigma performance metrics. The WTA leverages our technology in the additional areas of logistics, maintenance, and life cycle management.

The WTA is a coalition of industry leaders in training support with proven, current and relevant experience across all training environments, including live, virtual and constructive. The alliance was recently awarded the contract by the U.S. Army Program Executive Office, Simulation, Training and Instrumentation for the Warfighter FOCUS program.

With a combined legacy of successfully executing large-scale and complex programs, the WTA is organized to apply the right resources to successfully accomplish each task and to deliver the best value, lowest risk solutions. Additional information is available at Warrior Training Alliance.

Maxus Strategic Systems Inc. has had the opportunity to work on C4I initiatives with the following facilities:

Office of Naval Research
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Marine Corps Systems Command
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Army Space and Strategic Defense Command

The Department of Defense has identified Metaphor Mixer as an example of "spin-on" technology. Spin-on technology is developed initially for a commercial purpose, then finds a dual-use which addresses a Department of Defense need better and cheaper than home-grown solutions. Historically, the flow of technology transfer spun-off military use into the commercial realm. The Pentagon now fully accepts the diversity and richness of commercially available techniques in solving information age problems.

An Air Force white paper titled, SPACECAST 2020 - PROFESSIONAL MILITARY EDUCATION, describes Metaphor Mixer spin-on qualities as follows:

"One method of employing virtual reality as a database navigating and mining tool is used on Wall Street for managing stock portfolios. It uses a virtual world in which stocks and groups of stocks are represented by symbols of different color, shape, position, motion, and other metaphors. This enables a stock portfolio manager to use the computer to generate patterns and color changes that summarize at a glance the health and trends of many more stocks than could be managed as well by flipping through files or complex computer screens with tables of numbers It is easy to see how this type of application could be used to summarize much of the data that threatens to overwhelm the military person."

Superior timing, coordination, and the control of shared information allow commanders to mass forces only where and when necessary -- then deliver explosive strike capability. This imparts the ability to orchestrate apparent chaos on the battlefield, thereby overwhelming and confusing a slower, and less reactive enemy.

Integrated, fast-moving operations will benefit from a modern battlespace that structures the underlying, abstract information needed during a deployment and presents its complexity in an understandable visual notation.