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Maxus Systems International's experienced system consultants lead discussions with our clients' business executives and managers to identify the key business outcomes that can be affected by leveraging an improved understanding of customer and supplier behavior and relationships. The consultant works with the group to assess the incremental value to the organization of acting on these insights. Potential application areas and a probable approach to the solution are identified. The results of these efforts are presented in a high level project plan for executive review and project approval and implementation.

Decision support visualization technologies present the complexity of corporate data mining and OLAP information so that it's possible to see the 'big picture' and the details simultaneously --- the trees among the forest approach --- leveraging increased information bandwidth rather than being overloaded by it. Business process methodologies such as multi-dimensional modeling (MDM) provide the natural frameworks for METAPHOR MIXER information landscapes allowing decision makers to gain clearer business situation awareness and to continue making better-informed decisions ahead of the competition.

The METAPHOR MIXER Software Suite consists of a set of advanced, easy to use, knowledge discovery tools that interface with data access and analysis modules and have been optimized to work in a networked environment for a shared information paradigm.

METAPHOR MIXER Data Transformation and Configuration Adapters (MM-DTACs) are scalable and designed to seamlessly integrate with existing multidimensional modeling (MDM) and on-line analytic processing (MDX/OLAP) tools.

The software is based on industry standard databases and database connectivity drivers (PERL/DBI, ORACLE, MS-SQL SERVER, ODBC, OLE DB) for maximum compatibility with both in-house legacy systems as well as newer corporate enterprise-wide systems like SAP BIW. Together, the suite enables powerful decision support visualization applications designed specifically to address the complex analyses required to mine the largest databases and affords the decision maker the topsight needed to observe, orient, decide and act more efficiently, and with greater knowledge, than the competition.