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MM-Finance helps traders and managers grasp their current situation more quickly than by analyzing spreadsheets and reports. It delivers financial information as colors, shapes and movement within a structured context to communicate aspects of thousands of financial instruments with a single glance. MM-Finance is designed to take investors and portfolio managers beyond static views of investments that focus on a single moment and immerse them in an infrastructure for situation awareness and simulation-enhanced decision support.

MM-Finance depicts an Information Landscape that is populated by understandable, interactive icons. These Landscapes are oriented by categorical and numeric information axes. For example, the category "Country" may be designated along one Landscape axis (the X axis) and "Industry Sector" along the other (Y) axis. Each cell within this grid represents the intersection of a Country and an Industry Sector. A typical Information Landscape contains up to 225 cells and supports a population of 5000 financial instruments.

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Floating within the cells of this Landscape are stocks, options or bonds identified by animated, logo-embossed icons which rise and fall in real-time response to market activity. An icon's height above or below the Landscape's baseline (the Z axis) may depict Price or Volume for the trading period and is visually reinforced by a user-defined color scale.

An icon's shape depicts the market capitalization of its underlying company. For instance, triangular icons identify companies with market capitalizations under $500 million, squares represent mid-caps, while large caps are depicted as pentagons. Spinning and blinking icons highlight special opportunities and risks within any given position or group of positions.

MM-Finance goes beyond analytics to provide a reliable sense of movement through time. Fly through a Landscape and traverse the market by Sector, Country and Time. Click on any company logo-embossed icon for charts and analytics, or recent reports and filings. Users perceive the most critical details of his or her universe with a glance: percentage changes, sensitivity to interest rates and any other parameter of concern. Software agents--such as the Profit-Seeking Missile--hunt out interesting companies based upon a user's criteria.

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Securities Trading

MM-Finance trading applications provide an open analytic decision support solution for analyzing a global range of instruments: stocks, bonds, options, commodities and derivatives. They provide a visually keyed "shorthand" summary of the state of the investment universe and the areas needing immediate attention. With a single glance, the user takes in the most critical details of his or her universe -- percentage changes, volume spikes, and any other parameters of concern. MM-Finance fuses market prices, news, commentary, analytics and historical data all on one control panel and provides links to existing position and risk management programs. The visual analysis allows users to react to current market conditions with a faster more informed decision cycle and quickly become aware of new investment ideas through the visualization of hundreds (or thousands) of stocks.

Securities Brokerage

MM-Finance brokerage applications integrate market data, client information and research, so brokers can communicate portfolio information to clients in an efficient and productive way. MM-Finance brokerage applications allow brokers to do portfolio modeling and monitoring and have access to a whole range of financial planning support applications. Internet based communication methods allow brokers to collaborate on financial planning ideas with clients in real-time and enhance, not interrupt, their relationships. For example, this application will automatically notify the user upon something happening that affects their clients' holdings, such as a news event or bond call. He or she can then e-mail a "fly-through" of their Information Landscape accompanied by a teleconference or voice message, with buy/sell suggestions.

Portfolio Management

MM-Finance portfolio management applications provide open analytic, decision support solutions for management of global equity, fixed income, and mutual fund portfolios. This application handles the entire range of instruments, from global equities and government bonds to highly complex CMO's, swaps, TBA's and derivatives. It maintains vital statistics such as duration, convexity, yield, effective maturity, quality rating, market value, and realized/unrealized gains, to monitor different investment strategies. MM-Finance's unique Information Landscape presentation technique helps users understand the complex interplay of factors affecting their portfolios.