Maxus Systems International Inc. provides enterprise-level decision support systems and professional services to solve the toughest business challenges in ways that are technologically seamless and cost effective.  We are experts at leveraging technology to improve business processes and have a long history of conducting research and development for the U. S. Dept of Defense and DARPA in business intelligence, knowledge management, human factors, cybersecurity and a range of other disciplines.

Since the introduction of Metaphor Mixer® in 1991, Maxus Systems International Inc. has pioneered high-performance, visual computing tools. This patented technology enables the development of advanced decision visualization applications for the financial industry and has been successfully applied to such diverse and demanding uses as Army command and control displays and corporate data mining.

Maxus works with customers and solution partners to design and build applications that enhance situation awareness and deliver topsight over the enterprise. Maxus specializes in advanced user interfaces, human factors engineering, and content management techniques, having deployed them in demanding financial and defense-related environments, where accuracy and speed are essential.

We also provide enterprise-level decision support systems and professional services based on our suite of MM-Data Mining decision visualization applications. MM-Data Mining allows organizations to see and better analyze the patterns of their business so they can empower decision making and increase competitive advantage.

Metaphor Mixer was nominated for a Computerworld Smithsonian Award. It was the application chosen by Intel Corp. to showcase the launch of the Pentium processor at the CeBit Computer Fair. Metaphor Mixer was shown at the Guggenheim Museum -- the first exhibition of its type ever held in a major American art museum.

Metaphor Mixer has been cited by numerous publications as a leading example of new achievement in the fields of business intelligence software and decision visualization. Metaphor Mixer is among the pioneer systems applying gameware solutions to business information management problems.

Read an article from the London School of Economics' Business Strategy Review that describes how Metaphor Mixer technology can maximize innovation potential throughout an enterprise.